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Come fly…

… and catch the clouds!

I bet everyone has a memory of flying high on a swing, glimpsing those clouds in the sky and imagining you are up there with them, riding the wind, chasing the sun, the breeze in your hair. Higher and higher.

We think its a pretty special thing to do – so simple, so free, so pleasurable…

And so we have got it here for you. The Cloudcatcher. We have handcrafted simple, traditional wooden swings. We can add a child’s name onto the swing… or even your name if you are wanting to own that endless joy. Come and choose one and you could almost reach the sky right now and you could definitely feel the ‘wooosh’ of wonder as you float backwards and forwards. Again and again – that exhilaration is there for the taking at your beck and call.

Available exclusively from squarepeg, they are simple, pure, joy. Come and own your Cloudcatcher in time for Christmas – the fun will last a lifetime.

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Summer lovin’

…with some new arrivals at squarepeg

With a new year here I thought we could kick things off with some pictures of newly arrived furniture and other smaller items…all slightly left of centre. We have ever-so-slightly pushed back the time in sourcing two original hundred year old Swedish sleigh beds. The one pictured below ($1,240) would be perfect for that day-time nap or for a child’s bedroom.

Also very sweet and functional are these wall-mounted shelves with a single drawer ($330). Perfect for keys, loose change and wallets in a hall way or used as a floating bedside table. Like all things danish, they are understated and elegant – very simple!

The original scandinavian bentwood box ($240) is a one-off that has just arrived at squarepeg together with the new year. Its quite nostalgic for me as I found my great-grandmother’s tine (bentwood box) in the attic when I was just a child…and it still holds all my treasures today.  Although mine isn’t as large as this one it does have the beautiful markings and natural wooden finish.

And to end  – some pictures full of summer lovin’ of small wooden houses made here at squarepeg home and some beautiful old ceramic jars…



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