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It’s that time of the year to keep warm and snuggly and our handcrafted bed has been a popular request the last couple of months. We have one down on the retail floor in MANY6160 at the moment so if you are in Fremantle pop in to have a look. And if you happen to be there on a Thursday or Friday and want to talk to the maker – he is likely to be just upstairs so give him a call (but if he doesn’t answer straight away it might be because the ear-muffs are on!).

11March2016_SPH-6-2 11March2016_SPH-37 11March2016_SPH-51 Squarepeg-2390-2

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It’s great to hear about new ventures and to be a part of something from the ground up.  At  squarepeg home we’re lucky to be involved with people who have a vision and who are excited about bringing new products and services to our lovely city.

Keep your eye out for this buggy little guy who you might see around your ‘Stomping Ground’ serving up great coffee and who knows what else….when we’ve finished with her that is.






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Having friends and family around for Christmas?  A few things you might need, big and small.  All available from Squarepeg Home.

The big…


Check out this beautiful Squarepeg dining table.  Perfect for that long, lazy afternoon Christmas meal with the family.


How about a place to relax on the verandah after the belly’s been filled. A wonderful Wegner rocking chair could do the trick.

swings blog2

Give me one reason not to get one of these Cloudcatchers. And we can engrave the names of the lucky recipients of this lovely gift on the swing. Check out our Facebook page for a chance to win one of these lovely handcrafted Squarepeg swings.

And the small…

HELBAK xmas2

Delightful Helbak Christmas ornaments. Your tree is up right?


Karen Millar handmade ceramics are a truly beautiful gift idea.

klock & radio 1

Visit us for beautifully crafted, unique gift ideas.





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It’s your choice…

…for a perfect fit!

Looking for a sideboard but can’t quite find what it is you are looking for?! We have lots of options – take for example this sideboard shown below. Its a custom piece made here in the workshop. One of the advantages of a locally made piece from squarepeg is that you can choose the wood, you can choose the length, the height, how many drawers you want and whether you want sliding doors or hinged. There are lots of options you can choose. AND its hand made and built to last.

SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2202 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2216 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2219 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2223

And the two clever people behind the round window handcrafting pieces like this one…


SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2277-2 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2314-2

Ben and Jack of course!

And finally a very big shout out to another very talented local girl Mandy Miller for the photos – check her work out here if you are chasing a local photographer for products and commercial shots. Thanks Mandy!

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Jack White…

…designing and making at squarepeg

We are feeling pretty lucky to have Jack White land here at squarepeg’s door and step into designing and making in our workshop. Originally from the UK, Jack’s creative bent is well honed, as is his craftmanship and attention to detail. Jack studied fine crafts at Buckinghamshire University in the UK and its safe to say that he is continuing that very fine tradition at squarepeg.

Jack has brought new ideas and techniques to squarepeg which is always such a bonus…he has also implemented a weekly exercise run at Monument Hill as the sun sets…which is probably less of a puff for Jack as is it for others in the workshop!

Many of the pieces made by Jack have been crafted from recycled materials and perhaps this is a little of what makes him tick. Working with natural materials and creating a beautiful, functional object could be another. He is great addition to squarepeg and we’re hoping he will stop and breathe in that salty Freo air for quite awhile yet…

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Adam Cruickshank Exhibition

…running until 9 September

The shop floor at squarepeg home is looking a little different at the moment – and will do so for the next three weeks. Adam Cruickshank opened his exhibition here on Friday night and it was a crowded night and a busy opening weekend! – A reflection of Adam’s reputation for innovative design and high level craftsmanship.


Adam is now dividing his time between creating his select product range and taking on new commission work. Each piece is handcrafted – in placing an order you have a choice of timbers and sizes. Adam will also be in here at squarepeg during some of the exhibition period so you can talk to him directly about the designing and making process. Its definitely worth a trip to Freo to check it out…

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A beautiful line

…coming to squarepeg next month

We are so lucky to be hosting Adam Cruickshank’s first independent collection here at squarepeg from mid-August. Adam’s work has been highly recognised for his use of innovative techniques and new furniture forms. The exhibition is shaping up to be a busy one with a lot of interest already shown. Here is just a taster of what to expect…

The exhibition runs August 17 – September 9. Make sure you pop by to check it out.

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Another clever Perth local…

…take a bow Karen Millar

Well we do love clever artistic people here at squarepeg… what people can make, particularly hand-make is quite amazing. Something that is tactile, beautiful in form and function – beautiful in its everyday-ness. That’s what we love about Karen Millar’s work. A pouring jug for cream, some morsel bowls for sharing, some family bowls for pasta or vegetables.

And lastly (but not necessarily least!) we love Karen’s work because it is handmade locally. Right here in Perth…hand crafted and hand selected!

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Chrysalis pendant light

by Adam Cruickshank

Squarepeg is now stocking original chrysalis pendant lights made by Adam Cruickshank. Teamed up with a NUD cord and an energy-saving light globe the chrysalis pendants are strikingly simple. Each one takes on a unique form as you fold the shade together.

The chrysalis pendants are available from squarepeg in yellow, green or orange for $350 each. We also stock a range of colours in the NUD cords ($69) or alternatively you can always use an existing one! You can also see more of Adam’s work on his website at

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hand crafted…

…Local work on show at squarepeg

I guess its fair to say that here at squarepeg we really have two true loves – mid-century furniture and beautifully crafted furniture that’s locally made. You know my love of mid-century so today I thought I would post some pictures of the tables we are stocking that have been locally crafted. The elegant simplicity of all these pieces is just so hard to beat.

Rick Knopke has been working his craft for many years now and squarepeg currently stocks two of his tables.  Both coffee tables are made from a wood veneer on marine ply with a demountable stainless steel base. The tables are priced at $1, 950 each.

Also on the floor is piece by local Freo craftsman Lewis Waters. Lewis’s designs are all about simplicity, durability and innovative construction techniques. The coffee table is handcrafted from Australian wattle ($790).

Our last local that we also love is Adam Cruikshank – its his table in beech that is truly devine ($4,900).

We think there is a lot to be said for furniture that is hand crafted. For one thing, long after you have forgotten how much you paid for a piece, you will still remember what it is that you fell in love with. And it will last a lifetime. Or two or even three.

And its locally made.


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