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New shipment is coming…

It’s landed, it’s unpacked and its almost ready for you…

Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next few weeks …

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For those of you on our email list – your invitation to the preview sale is on its way. We have a great selection of sofas, easychairs, dining chairs, desks, coffee tables and lighting. Authentic Danish mid-century designs from Wegner, Jacobsen, Wanscher, Wikkelso and more.

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Love for a lifetime

Valentines Day sale is coming!

Love for a lifetime. We all crave a lifetime love for someone and somethings don’t we? Perfections. Imperfections. The changes across time. But the love is still there. Sometimes you can’t explain it or quantify it. It’s a mystery! Love is love after all.





Well, with love in the air we think its time to come and find some lovely furniture. Give it to yourself to love. Or to someone you love. Own it because of love. We know you will love it for a lifetime. I think you know it too…

Our sale starts 14 February for two weeks. Come and find us and fall in love.

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Seating for six

…made simple by Niels Moller

The No. 75 model chairs are looking for a home! At such a bargain price for these vintage collectable chairs ($600 each during our June sale)…they have received a lot of attention! Made of teak and in beautiful condition they are perfect examples of Moller’s attention to design and detail.

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Birthday SALE!

…for the month of JUNE


Birthdays are a cause for celebration. They are milestones. Well, here at squarepeg June is our birthday month. It’s our first anniversary of opening up that big roller door. And we really want to celebrate. So we have got some fantastic sale prices on all our furniture for this month only. Many of our vintage pieces have already been snaffled up but here is a sneak peek at some of the items that still could be yours…
(above – vintage Tove Edvard teak cabinet – June sale price only $1999) 

(Above – vintage Svend Skipper sofa sale price $2650, vintage danish coffee table sale price $980, vintage Arne Vodder drawers sale price $1450, vintage chest of drawers sale price $950.)

(Above – vintage pair of Louis Poulsen PH 4 lights in white sale price $850.)

(Above – vintage wall mounted shelf with drawer sale price $220.)

These prices are just for the month of June so if you have been thinking about buying an authentic vintage piece of furniture then now is a perfect time to purchase it. And of course our sale applies to all our furniture items so come into the store and help us celebrate our first birthday!

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Preview day tomorrow

SALE for one day only

We are busy here getting ready for our preview sale tomorrow… all our furniture items including stock just arrived in our latest container through to stock from our earlier container will be on sale…for TOMORROW ONLY.

We also have some beautiful new art-work on our walls by Eveline Kotai which I will bring to the blog in a week or so. They look amazing! It is worth coming in just to see those…well, and to get a great bargain!

Preview sale day (one day only) Sunday 20 November. Doors open 10am.


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spring sale at squarepeg home

ends on sunday 2 october

Celebrating not only our newly created website, but also the gorgeous spring weather that has landed on us, we are holding our first ever sale for the next three weeks only! Come and pick up your perfect piece of furniture now at even more affordable prices during our sale – many items are up to 20% off…and all represent exceptional value for money. In the end of course, we can’t under estimate the importance of buying something that you love and will love for decades. (It’s just that we also think that there is no better time to fall in love than during a sale!) See you there!

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