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It’s great to hear about new ventures and to be a part of something from the ground up.  At  squarepeg home we’re lucky to be involved with people who have a vision and who are excited about bringing new products and services to our lovely city.

Keep your eye out for this buggy little guy who you might see around your ‘Stomping Ground’ serving up great coffee and who knows what else….when we’ve finished with her that is.






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Whatever you call it, it may be one of the most important statement pieces of furniture in your home.  Comfort is key but there’s no need to sacrifice style is there?







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If you’re anything like me then you might, at times, be drawn to more unusual pieces.  Nothing so quirky that it stares at you, unblinkingly, whenever you enter the room but something that gives you that cheeky nod and a wink when you catch it out of the corner of your eye as you leave the room smiling.  That’s what I love about some of these quirky vintage pieces.







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Having friends and family around for Christmas?  A few things you might need, big and small.  All available from Squarepeg Home.

The big…


Check out this beautiful Squarepeg dining table.  Perfect for that long, lazy afternoon Christmas meal with the family.


How about a place to relax on the verandah after the belly’s been filled. A wonderful Wegner rocking chair could do the trick.

swings blog2

Give me one reason not to get one of these Cloudcatchers. And we can engrave the names of the lucky recipients of this lovely gift on the swing. Check out our Facebook page for a chance to win one of these lovely handcrafted Squarepeg swings.

And the small…

HELBAK xmas2

Delightful Helbak Christmas ornaments. Your tree is up right?


Karen Millar handmade ceramics are a truly beautiful gift idea.

klock & radio 1

Visit us for beautifully crafted, unique gift ideas.





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Shine a light on it…

…with a mid-century feel

An easy way to get that mid-century feel without buying up big is by choosing one or two iconic pieces that draws attention. Lights are a good option – they are often eye-catching and can really anchor the room. We love these Louis Poulsen PH 4 pendants, but we also have a range of other mid-century lighting options – including one by Arne Jacobsen and a really impressive vintage copper bell light shade! Come in and check them out…

2013_08Aug_WebJPG-0175 Whitetable&stool-0723



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Take a seat…

…now is the time to sit easy!

Are you sitting pretty at your dining table?! Are you rested and well fed? Are you enjoying just sitting down eating delicious food, catching up with friends, having a quiet cup of tea? Well, I am guessing you might not be if it’s a hard, unfriendly and uncomfortable chair you are sitting on. You are perhaps desperate to stand up, stretch your back, to get going, to finish the moment. If that is you then we think it’s time you paid us a visit.

We have got loads of great dining chair options  – all authentic, original and vintage – yes they do stand the test of time (top marks for workmanship to the Danes!). Different chairs are comfortable for different people – but here are just a few of the ones we have…

SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0345 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0364 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0360 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0324 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0320 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0315 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0304 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0286 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0267

Come in and have a seat. We cater to all perfect-chair-hunters out there!

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New stock here!

…Some vintage sofas

Ben managed to hunt down a great range of sofas and armchairs on his last furniture finding excursion to Denmark – including pieces designed by Hans Wegner, leather stouby sofas and timber-framed sofas by Ole Wanscher. (I know – how did he squeeze them all in?!)

These are just two of the vintage sofas that arrived in our last shipment… just to wet your moozy-day appetite….

SP2013_11July-0690 SP2013_11July-0669

Its a 3-seater sofa designed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard and it’s classically simple and understated. With original charcoal fabric it’s a really elegant piece.

Below is another vintage 3-seater sofa that has recently arrived to squarepeg – designed by Andreas Hansen in 1979 it’s also a danish classic in black leather and beech.SP2013_11July-0621-1 SP2013_11July-0611


I think we have a sofa for you to love. And one thing is for certain when you buy a piece from us – its an original. It’s authentic – every single piece of furniture at squarepeg. Don’t you want to fight the fakes? Sit on something real? Come and find it (and fall in love).

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New shipment is coming…

It’s landed, it’s unpacked and its almost ready for you…

Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next few weeks …

1306 MM new shipmt 1 1306 MM new shipmt 2 1306 MM new shipmt 3 1306 MM new shipmt 4 1306 MM new shipmt 6 1306 MM new shipmt 5 1306 MM new shipmt 7


For those of you on our email list – your invitation to the preview sale is on its way. We have a great selection of sofas, easychairs, dining chairs, desks, coffee tables and lighting. Authentic Danish mid-century designs from Wegner, Jacobsen, Wanscher, Wikkelso and more.

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Relax. Take it easy. Sit back in style. There must be a few of you out there doing that right now after taking advantage of our Valentine Day sale… there was a lot to love in February – I hope you got some!

If you missed out in the furniture love stakes, then you are still in luck. We have a couple of classic vintage danish pieces just waiting for that perfect spot. A stylish daybed by Hans Wegner, a couple of easy chairs by Arne Norelle, three Hans Wegner easy chairs (model GE 375) and a Stouby sofa.

Wegner daybed (aub) (MM)

Norelle armchairs (MM)

Wegner beach1 (MM)  IMG_5043

All classic design pieces. Authentic, vintage danish furniture. It’s the real deal.
(PS Speaking of the real deal – the first three photos in this blog entry were taken by local photography expert Mandy Miller…pretty fab I think…)


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Love for a lifetime

Valentines Day sale is coming!

Love for a lifetime. We all crave a lifetime love for someone and somethings don’t we? Perfections. Imperfections. The changes across time. But the love is still there. Sometimes you can’t explain it or quantify it. It’s a mystery! Love is love after all.





Well, with love in the air we think its time to come and find some lovely furniture. Give it to yourself to love. Or to someone you love. Own it because of love. We know you will love it for a lifetime. I think you know it too…

Our sale starts 14 February for two weeks. Come and find us and fall in love.

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