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Its a steal this week – a vintage rosewood cabinet. We reckon its a steal at its regular price but as the POW for this week only its a super steal. A original vintage piece with all the classic hallmarks of those clever Danes – simple, understated design, beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s dimensions are 1380mm long by 430mm wide. Subscribe here on our website to our newsletter to receive our Piece of the Week (POW) specials if you are interested in hearing about future steals. If you want to know more about this one – get in contact with us here.

IMG_3605Image-1IMG_3604 IMG_3602 IMG_3603

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Whatever you call it, it may be one of the most important statement pieces of furniture in your home.  Comfort is key but there’s no need to sacrifice style is there?







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Take a seat…

…now is the time to sit easy!

Are you sitting pretty at your dining table?! Are you rested and well fed? Are you enjoying just sitting down eating delicious food, catching up with friends, having a quiet cup of tea? Well, I am guessing you might not be if it’s a hard, unfriendly and uncomfortable chair you are sitting on. You are perhaps desperate to stand up, stretch your back, to get going, to finish the moment. If that is you then we think it’s time you paid us a visit.

We have got loads of great dining chair options  – all authentic, original and vintage – yes they do stand the test of time (top marks for workmanship to the Danes!). Different chairs are comfortable for different people – but here are just a few of the ones we have…

SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0345 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0364 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0360 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0324 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0320 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0315 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0304 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0286 SP_2013_13Aug_WebSizeJPGs-0267

Come in and have a seat. We cater to all perfect-chair-hunters out there!

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New stock here!

…Some vintage sofas

Ben managed to hunt down a great range of sofas and armchairs on his last furniture finding excursion to Denmark – including pieces designed by Hans Wegner, leather stouby sofas and timber-framed sofas by Ole Wanscher. (I know – how did he squeeze them all in?!)

These are just two of the vintage sofas that arrived in our last shipment… just to wet your moozy-day appetite….

SP2013_11July-0690 SP2013_11July-0669

Its a 3-seater sofa designed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard and it’s classically simple and understated. With original charcoal fabric it’s a really elegant piece.

Below is another vintage 3-seater sofa that has recently arrived to squarepeg – designed by Andreas Hansen in 1979 it’s also a danish classic in black leather and beech.SP2013_11July-0621-1 SP2013_11July-0611


I think we have a sofa for you to love. And one thing is for certain when you buy a piece from us – its an original. It’s authentic – every single piece of furniture at squarepeg. Don’t you want to fight the fakes? Sit on something real? Come and find it (and fall in love).

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New shipment is coming…

It’s landed, it’s unpacked and its almost ready for you…

Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next few weeks …

1306 MM new shipmt 1 1306 MM new shipmt 2 1306 MM new shipmt 3 1306 MM new shipmt 4 1306 MM new shipmt 6 1306 MM new shipmt 5 1306 MM new shipmt 7


For those of you on our email list – your invitation to the preview sale is on its way. We have a great selection of sofas, easychairs, dining chairs, desks, coffee tables and lighting. Authentic Danish mid-century designs from Wegner, Jacobsen, Wanscher, Wikkelso and more.

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Weekends at squarepeg…

on a sunny winter July day…

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Birthday SALE!

…for the month of JUNE


Birthdays are a cause for celebration. They are milestones. Well, here at squarepeg June is our birthday month. It’s our first anniversary of opening up that big roller door. And we really want to celebrate. So we have got some fantastic sale prices on all our furniture for this month only. Many of our vintage pieces have already been snaffled up but here is a sneak peek at some of the items that still could be yours…
(above – vintage Tove Edvard teak cabinet – June sale price only $1999) 

(Above – vintage Svend Skipper sofa sale price $2650, vintage danish coffee table sale price $980, vintage Arne Vodder drawers sale price $1450, vintage chest of drawers sale price $950.)

(Above – vintage pair of Louis Poulsen PH 4 lights in white sale price $850.)

(Above – vintage wall mounted shelf with drawer sale price $220.)

These prices are just for the month of June so if you have been thinking about buying an authentic vintage piece of furniture then now is a perfect time to purchase it. And of course our sale applies to all our furniture items so come into the store and help us celebrate our first birthday!

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Ole Wanscher

…a leading figure in the Scandinavian design movement

Delicate. Elegant. And orderly (so very danish).
It’s the world of Danish furniture designer Ole Wanscher (1903 – 1985). We feel so lucky here at squarepeg home when we find some pieces by Ole Wanscher quite simply because they are regarded as such modern classics.

I love the simplicity of the chairs and table, matched with the long low credenza and high drinks cabinet.

The chairs we re-upholstered in a beautiful green kvadrat fabric…

It really is so delicate, so elegant, and so devine-ly orderly. So danish. Come and check it out at squarepeg.


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Falling in love at squarepeg

Ever fallen in love with a chair?

Sometimes its just so hard not to fall in love. It’s impossible to turn time back. To ‘un-find’ it. To pretend you don’t really want it. 
And the part that is most heart-wrenching – it’s most probably a one-off. Once its gone, its gone. And then its a tragic love story. You are forever looking for it again.
But when you act on that love – when you buy it, own it, live with it and love it, then it becomes a great love affair. A love that you have chosen.


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A vintage pair

of Danish nightstands

A pair of vintage Danish nightstands in teak. $125 each. Very simple and elegant. And perfect for saving on space. Big enough for a glass of water and a book to rest on. And a single drawer for smaller items.

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