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…over at the Heirloom Loft apartment development in Freo today. Check them out at The space looks gorgeous!


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Its a steal this week – a vintage rosewood cabinet. We reckon its a steal at its regular price but as the POW for this week only its a super steal. A original vintage piece with all the classic hallmarks of those clever Danes – simple, understated design, beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s dimensions are 1380mm long by 430mm wide. Subscribe here on our website to our newsletter to receive our Piece of the Week (POW) specials if you are interested in hearing about future steals. If you want to know more about this one – get in contact with us here.

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Whatever you call it, it may be one of the most important statement pieces of furniture in your home.  Comfort is key but there’s no need to sacrifice style is there?







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A nice way to add colour and flavour to your home that doesn’t require paint or elaborate upholstery or too much elbow grease is with accessories.  Bright pendant lights or well placed hand made ceramics can give the room an added air of personality…and yes, for your convenience, we stock all of these at Squarepeg Home.

Mhy Red Pendant

Flow Milk

Unfold_yellow   Match_Green


E27 green

vitamin_container_yellow  Restore_Light_Grey




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What are you looking for?

A new range of mid-century furniture at squarepeg home…

Some customers at squarepeg are purists. They love danish modern design and are collecting pieces that they fall in love with that melt their purist hearts. Others have more eclectic tastes – they might be searching for a quirky piece, a piece with a difference, with personality.  The common ground for all these people is a love of something a little unusual, or special.  This same desire draws us to hand select authentic vintage pieces. Attached are some pictures of our latest collection on the floor at squarepeg. We think we have something for both the purists and the eclectic sorts out there!

A mahogany dining set in immaculate condition designed by Ole Wanscher. Its an extendable table with six matching dining chairs.

A rare shelving and desk system in rosewood designed by Omann Jun. Consisting of two separate book shelves (either side) and a central desk area that folds away, its in perfect condition.

Just in are two matching rosewood bedside tables (both with two drawers).  Some things are hard to come by and then just don’t seem to hang around…including this vintage danish chair in original upholstery (it sold today).

Just back from restoration is this extendable dining table designed by Johannes Andersen in rosewood.

And lastly this mid-century storage system from the UK provides the perfect elegant answer for storage.


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hand crafted…

…Local work on show at squarepeg

I guess its fair to say that here at squarepeg we really have two true loves – mid-century furniture and beautifully crafted furniture that’s locally made. You know my love of mid-century so today I thought I would post some pictures of the tables we are stocking that have been locally crafted. The elegant simplicity of all these pieces is just so hard to beat.

Rick Knopke has been working his craft for many years now and squarepeg currently stocks two of his tables.  Both coffee tables are made from a wood veneer on marine ply with a demountable stainless steel base. The tables are priced at $1, 950 each.

Also on the floor is piece by local Freo craftsman Lewis Waters. Lewis’s designs are all about simplicity, durability and innovative construction techniques. The coffee table is handcrafted from Australian wattle ($790).

Our last local that we also love is Adam Cruikshank – its his table in beech that is truly devine ($4,900).

We think there is a lot to be said for furniture that is hand crafted. For one thing, long after you have forgotten how much you paid for a piece, you will still remember what it is that you fell in love with. And it will last a lifetime. Or two or even three.

And its locally made.


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Q and A

How we like it

Since we opened up our squarepeg home doors, we have been asked a lot of questions – some of which we were kind of prepared for (do you have…?), and others…well, I have to honestly say there are other questions we genuinely find difficult to answer. Questions about what our favourite piece is (umm…not so simple), how do we choose our vintage pieces in Denmark (obviously we thought it was a pretty nifty piece ourselves) and why someone hasn’t found us before now (I know, we should do some advertising). We are also asked quite often whats driving our design aesthetic…and for us its just keeping it simple. Whilst mid-century danish design might not appeal to everyone’s tastes, it is very pure, clean and unembellished. And that’s what we like. We also like good furniture that improves with age.

Speaking of exposure we have wiggled into the latest Scoop.








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