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A nice way to add colour and flavour to your home that doesn’t require paint or elaborate upholstery or too much elbow grease is with accessories.  Bright pendant lights or well placed hand made ceramics can give the room an added air of personality…and yes, for your convenience, we stock all of these at Squarepeg Home.

Mhy Red Pendant

Flow Milk

Unfold_yellow   Match_Green


E27 green

vitamin_container_yellow  Restore_Light_Grey




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…its a favourite!

The colour yellow is a favourite of mine – it catches your eye, its pure happiness is easy to see. The steel and american oak low coffee table ($540) is a steal, and matched with the large Freckle rug ($695) it brings a pop of colour indoors as the days are starting to shorten…

Or you could grasp some joy in your room with the Unfold pendant in yellow ($238). Its also a treat…

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Chrysalis pendant light

by Adam Cruickshank

Squarepeg is now stocking original chrysalis pendant lights made by Adam Cruickshank. Teamed up with a NUD cord and an energy-saving light globe the chrysalis pendants are strikingly simple. Each one takes on a unique form as you fold the shade together.

The chrysalis pendants are available from squarepeg in yellow, green or orange for $350 each. We also stock a range of colours in the NUD cords ($69) or alternatively you can always use an existing one! You can also see more of Adam’s work on his website at

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