Squarepeg home is a small furniture workshop that has worked with a number of commercial clients in delivering bespoke or custom made furniture.   We can offer design, fabrication and installation of individual handcrafted pieces such as built in storage, bookcases and other cabinetry or small run options such as desks, beds, tables and benches for small scale commercial projects. Our previous work has included fitting out and supplying furniture for small bars, restaurants, bespoke office furniture and point of sale desk options for retail outlets.   We also work directly with architects and interior designers to either make pieces to pre-designed specifications or work collaboratively to design and handcraft a new piece of furniture.   If you are looking for furniture for a bespoke commercial space, want something specific and locally made, drop into the squarepeg workshop or get in contact with us here. Below are images of just some of the commercial and built-in projects we have been involved in.

Commercial furniture

A commercial fit out of the very popular Zensaki restaurant in Allendale Square on St George’s Tce in Perth. Tables and signage have been hand crafted to create a very snappy eating place.

Custom additional shot2

Custom additional shot


 Torridon Partners office fit out using select vintage Danish pieces.

Custom additional vintage2

Custom additional vintage3

Squarepeg Home custom desks and tables at Verona Capital.

1006 Hay Street, Builder: DMG Construction


And if you like the brilliant burgers from Flipside then you’ll be eating them at tables or benches from squarepeg home at their northbridge and como stores…

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We can also custom make built in pieces of furniture – such as these shelving units for the small bar The Mechanics Institute in Northbridge…

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