Squarepeg home

Ben Savage

Growing up in Manchester England, Ben spent weekends playing lacrosse, riding bikes (through the rain) and playing hide and seek in old Victorian houses. A fairly ordinary boyhood life – except that he loved design even back then. He loved sitting in ‘the good room’ on that amazing classic cream sofa, climbing on the Guy Rogers teak armchair, he loved the way his dining table extended so effortlessly so more friends could eat at the table. He loved his home and the possessions in it that made it his home. It was the beginning of his lifelong love of well designed and made furniture.

When Ben moved to Australia in the mid-1990’s working as a geologist, he spent his weekends off “in the shed” feeding his passion to create furniture that was both practical and unique. Eventually he decided to follow his heart and explore his lifelong love of making furniture. He attended the Australian School of Fine Wood to expand his wood-working skills and provide the foundation for building his own business. And he has never looked back.

Ben lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. You can catch him there in his workshop at squarepeg home…or early mornings down at south beach.


Jack White

Jack grew up in and around North East England.  His first interest in craft began at school, that being the subject he disliked the least.  His interest in craft stayed with him and led him to take up an apprenticeship as an organ builder (of the instrumental kind).  He branched off into 3D design in Newcastle, ultimately leading to a degree in Fine Craft at Buckinghamshire New University.

Jack’s interest is in conceptual design and stems from fairly broad life experiences.  After graduating from school, Jack took to the road and whilst traveling gained an interest in various art forms including work as a life model for budding artists.

Today Jack can be found at Squarepeg Home “…where I love the creativity and freedom that I am granted to work ideas into the projects that are running, really…it is a great environment.”