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It’s that time of the year to keep warm and snuggly and our handcrafted bed has been a popular request the last couple of months. We have one down on the retail floor in MANY6160 at the moment so if you are in Fremantle pop in to have a look. And if you happen to be there on a Thursday or Friday and want to talk to the maker – he is likely to be just upstairs so give him a call (but if he doesn’t answer straight away it might be because the ear-muffs are on!).

11March2016_SPH-6-2 11March2016_SPH-37 11March2016_SPH-51 Squarepeg-2390-2

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It’s great to hear about new ventures and to be a part of something from the ground up.  At  squarepeg home we’re lucky to be involved with people who have a vision and who are excited about bringing new products and services to our lovely city.

Keep your eye out for this buggy little guy who you might see around your ‘Stomping Ground’ serving up great coffee and who knows what else….when we’ve finished with her that is.






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It’s your choice…

…for a perfect fit!

Looking for a sideboard but can’t quite find what it is you are looking for?! We have lots of options – take for example this sideboard shown below. Its a custom piece made here in the workshop. One of the advantages of a locally made piece from squarepeg is that you can choose the wood, you can choose the length, the height, how many drawers you want and whether you want sliding doors or hinged. There are lots of options you can choose. AND its hand made and built to last.

SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2202 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2216 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2219 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2223

And the two clever people behind the round window handcrafting pieces like this one…


SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2277-2 SP_2013_27Sept_WebSizeJPG-2314-2

Ben and Jack of course!

And finally a very big shout out to another very talented local girl Mandy Miller for the photos – check her work out here if you are chasing a local photographer for products and commercial shots. Thanks Mandy!

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I thought it was about time…

…to show you some pieces from the squarepeg showroom

Well I realise we (perhaps just me?!) have been pretty focused of late on the danish side of things here at squarepeg – vintage dining chairs, stylish original sofas and sneak peaks of what’s been exciting to unpack in our latest shipment. Missing from all this is the noise! and sawdust! and designing going on through the round window in the workshop. So I thought it was about time to check out what has been handcrafted and designed right here, right now in Freo. Which is your favourite?!

Table1 & stoolchairslamp-0708

Table1 & stool -0680 shortsideboard-0080

shortsideboard open-0095

shortsideboard detail-0092


Lowside long -0740

lowside long (2)-0744

whitetable detail 0075 Whitetable&stool-0723


If you would like any more information about what goes on in the workshop, what pieces we are currently designing and making or what pieces we could design and make for you, then please just contact us. Oh – and of course for all these pieces you can come into squarepeg and check them out…(in the woody flesh so to speak!)


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Come fly…

… and catch the clouds!

I bet everyone has a memory of flying high on a swing, glimpsing those clouds in the sky and imagining you are up there with them, riding the wind, chasing the sun, the breeze in your hair. Higher and higher.

We think its a pretty special thing to do – so simple, so free, so pleasurable…

And so we have got it here for you. The Cloudcatcher. We have handcrafted simple, traditional wooden swings. We can add a child’s name onto the swing… or even your name if you are wanting to own that endless joy. Come and choose one and you could almost reach the sky right now and you could definitely feel the ‘wooosh’ of wonder as you float backwards and forwards. Again and again – that exhilaration is there for the taking at your beck and call.

Available exclusively from squarepeg, they are simple, pure, joy. Come and own your Cloudcatcher in time for Christmas – the fun will last a lifetime.

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Jack White…

…designing and making at squarepeg

We are feeling pretty lucky to have Jack White land here at squarepeg’s door and step into designing and making in our workshop. Originally from the UK, Jack’s creative bent is well honed, as is his craftmanship and attention to detail. Jack studied fine crafts at Buckinghamshire University in the UK and its safe to say that he is continuing that very fine tradition at squarepeg.

Jack has brought new ideas and techniques to squarepeg which is always such a bonus…he has also implemented a weekly exercise run at Monument Hill as the sun sets…which is probably less of a puff for Jack as is it for others in the workshop!

Many of the pieces made by Jack have been crafted from recycled materials and perhaps this is a little of what makes him tick. Working with natural materials and creating a beautiful, functional object could be another. He is great addition to squarepeg and we’re hoping he will stop and breathe in that salty Freo air for quite awhile yet…

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Inside out at Zenzaki

…a custom furniture fit out

If any of you have peeked through the big round window into the squarepeg workshop over the last few months I think you will agree its been super busy, super full and full of activity! One of the larger jobs taking place has been the commercial fit out of the very popular Zenzaki restaurant in Allendale Square on St George’s Tce in Perth. Together with Paco Studio who have been leading the interior fit out, Ben has hand crafted tables and signage to create a very snappy eating place – as you can see below (photos courtesy of Paco-studio). Better still – when you are next in town you can check it out for yourself and grab some of the freshest, most yummy Japanese food going around…

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We Love Perth

…meets Ben Savage

Flying in the face of my uncertainties about the etiquette of re-blogging I would like to share a link with you of Ben’s interview this week on the great blog We Love Perth.



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A working wednesday

at squarepeg

Back after spending some (rainy!) furniture buying days in Denmark last month, Ben has been busy in the workshop handcrafting custom furniture pieces. It’s just another mid-week day at squarepeg…

…and on the shop floor are the cutest squarepeg bedside tables – this months furniture special!

….not all of it is hard work at squarepeg…



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Coming home…

…to a Ben Savage original

I snapped a picture of this table on the way out of the workshop door to a customer’s home. Ben had just finished it – like most things handcrafted he spent hours drawing it, choosing and cutting the wood, constructing it and then sanding it to that perfect smooth finish. So much love and effort had already gone into this table, and it hadn’t even made it out of the workshop. It made me think how a hand-crafted piece of furniture is built with so much passion and love.

And its life in someone’s home is only just beginning.


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