Q and A

How we like it

Since we opened up our squarepeg home doors, we have been asked a lot of questions – some of which we were kind of prepared for (do you have…?), and others…well, I have to honestly say there are other questions we genuinely find difficult to answer. Questions about what our favourite piece is (umm…not so simple), how do we choose our vintage pieces in Denmark (obviously we thought it was a pretty nifty piece ourselves) and why someone hasn’t found us before now (I know, we should do some advertising). We are also asked quite often whats driving our design aesthetic…and for us its just keeping it simple. Whilst mid-century danish design might not appeal to everyone’s tastes, it is very pure, clean and unembellished. And that’s what we like. We also like good furniture that improves with age.

Speaking of exposure we have wiggled into the latest Scoop.