We are very fortunate to have some of Eveline Kotai’s pieces on our walls at Squarepeg.  A wonderfully talented artist who lives right here in Fremantle, WA and creates fascinatingly detailed pieces of such wonder that it’s hard to look away.  For Dec only we are offering 20% off her pieces on display at Squarepeg Home.  Come and check them out in store or go to her website http://evelinekotai.com.au.

“In recent years she has developed a unique style whereby she cuts up her paintings into thin strips, and reassembles them as tightly knitted grids, using a sewing machine to attach the strips to a canvas with invisible thread. The method is infinite in its applications, and this exhibition is virtuosic in its stylistic variations…While her structures may be rigid, Kotai uses colour to create patterns and rhythms that dance on the canvas.”

– John McDonald, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 25, 2012

Just a few examples of what’s in the store…of course they are always better in the flesh.

Helio BlueHorizontal Pink

Crossing #1IMG_0749