The Round Window

As you may already know, Squarepeg is special.  The one thing, amongst many, that I think makes Squarepeg special is what you see through the round window.  When you step into Squarepeg, not only are you welcomed by a shop floor offering carefully hand selected, authentic mid-century Danish furniture (we have tissues handy to mop up the drool) BUT if you peer through the round window you’ll see what really makes us tick.  A couple of guys covered in sawdust crafting something amazing out of American Oak or Walnut and let’s not forget my favourite, ply, to name but a few.

From week to week some new drawing appears on the whiteboard and after much measuring, sawing, sanding and finishing touches a Squarepeg Design emerges out of what looked like just a plank of wood leaning against a brick wall.  I have a lot admiration for this kind of skill and to be able to see it transition from start to finish and then emerge a few steps away gleaming in the shop light is simply quite astounding.

When you get a chance, come in and say hello and have a look through the round window or visit the blog every now and again.  I’ll be keeping you posted on what’s happening through the round window from here on. What you see will undoubtedly be a few feet away from the shop floor or out the door.

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