Just like Christmas

Unpacking the shipping container when it arrived from Denmark felt like Christmas and we’re excited to finally have these pieces displayed on the shop floor like shiny new pennies.  Here’s some highlights.

Omann Jun Partner Desk in Teak

It must be in the genes.  The Omanns are a family of craftsman starting out in bedroom furniture branching out to produce beautifully crafted living room furniture and shelving systems and of course these beautifully designed desks.  The company is still in production today.


Erik Buch Chairs x 4 in teak with original striking Teal wool fabric.  Like new.


Kaare Klint Safari Chairs x 2

Kaare Klint was a lecturer in furniture design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 1924.  A student of classical furniture-materials, proportions and construction Klint was passionate about creating new designs that were built on these foundations. His is style epitomized by clean, pure lines, the best materials of his time and superb craftsmanship as seen in one of his most famous designs, the ‘Safari Chair’ from 1933.


Yngve Ekstrom ‘Lamino’ Chairs x 2

A significant contributor to the definition of “Scandinavian Modern” Yngve Ekstrom started Swedese Furniture (initially ESE furniture) in Vaggeryd, Sweden, together with his brother Jerker in 1945. The breakthrough piece was made by them in 1956. The easy chair “Lamino”, which combined austerity with lightness, beauty with function.