Danish furniture shipment on the way…

The summer weather in Denmark was trying it’s best to cling on when Ben visited in September on his latest search for beautiful furniture. Catching up with old friends in Copenhagen and out in the country is also a favourite bonus to Ben’s trip…I hear he was lucky enough to join in a gymnastics class (!), enjoy locally made wine from a small vineyard and of course enjoy the famously great danish food and hospitality. He’s reminded what a special place it is each time he visits.


The good news for us on the other side of the world here in Fremantle is that some of that magic has been secured and is heading our way! Whilst Ben did enjoy hanging with the Danish locals doing what the locals do, he spent most of his time hand-picking each furniture item and carefully packing it into a container. And it’s now making its way to our shores. Woo hoo! We are so excited we can’t wait now to unpack it! Watch this space!