New shipment of danish furniture LANDED

In perfect time for the festive period our latest shipment of that fantastic danish design is here – a couple of pics below to whet your appetite but otherwise head over to our ‘Vintage Pieces‘ section to check out our latest vintage items hot off the boat!26Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-7826Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-109  26Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-60 26Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-3926Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-46 26Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-23 26Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-12 26Nov2015_SquarepegWebSize-7

If you see something you like, or want to find out more – remember you can always drop us a line here if you can’t make it into our showroom.